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Client Testimonials “We’re thrilled with the outcome of our house reno. with Shabnum and her team! The color palette and accent walls transformed our space beautifully. The smooth process made the renovation stress-free, and her team’s efficiency was impressive. Thank you for understanding and incorporating our needs, making our home truly personalized. Your ability to stay within budget without compromising on quality exceeded our expectations. The collaborative approach and attention to detail truly set your firm apart. Exceptional Work!” Hasna Alli “Our experience working with our talented designer was exceptional. She skillfully brought our restaurant vision to life with a keen eye for detail and a creative touch. The result is a space that not only reflects our brand but also exceeds our expectations in Nigeria. Thank you for understanding design that has truly elevated our dining experience.” Chef Abba  “I wanted to thank Align Interiors for doing an excellent job on the bathroom renovations. From beginning to end it was a smooth process despite the challenges faced during Covid shutdowns. We decided on a budget and time frame and the work was completed on time. The workers were professional, and the end results met my expectations. We now have 2 beautiful bathrooms. After the bathroom renovations we decided to paint the entire floor too for which Shabnum helped with narrowing down the paint colors.” Manisha Sharma “We appreciated Shabnum’s exceptional design expertise! Her talent transformed our house into a beautiful home, perfectly capturing our style. From the thoughtfully chosen color schemes to the impeccable furnishings, every detail reflects her dedication and creativity. Working with Shabnum was a joy, and we highly recommend her for anyone seeking a skilled and personable designer.” Carlos G. “Delighted with the transformation of our kitchen and bathrooms, thanks to our designer and her team. Their creative touch infused fresh ideas into every space while professionalism guaranteed a seamless and efficient process. The meticulous attention to detail and dedication to top-notch craftsmanship went beyond our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend Shabnum and her team for their exceptional work!   Diana Leone “I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional work done by Align Interiors. She went above and beyond, bringing my vison to life with passion and a keen eye for design. Her visionary approach transformed our dull banquet hall into a stunning space, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!! Her design has not only enhanced our venue aesthetically but also significantly boosted our business. Their thoughtful and strategic approach to design has attracted more clients, making our space more appealing for various events. I am very grateful for their expertise and highly recommend Align Interiors for their impactful work and positive impact on our business.” Sabrina Wassel

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