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Exquisite design. Unparalleled craftsmanship.

Align Interiors creates the quality of life defined by each of our clients. Shabnum works with a design philosophy that is both functional and beautiful. The environments we design reflect individual cultural values and contribute directly to your happiness and productivity. As we work with each client, we formulate a plan resonating individual taste and interests. Our client focus approach includes clear communication, methodological interior designs, and strategic effective execution.

Project Highlight:

88 James Sales Center

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Client wanted a very bright, simple and clean look for their home décor studio.

Interior Staging & Styling

We also offer a personalized interior design to meet the client’s needs and services. Our goal will be to put emphasis on the positive features of the space to make a quick and profitable sale.

Staging and Styling Services Include:

Our staff will work closely with the homeowner to rearrange their furniture in a more inviting way, bring in more natural/artificial lighting and pick a colour palette. 

Aesthetic Design and Remodels

We believe that everyone deserves a home that they love, and we have made it our mission to offer a service that helps create a unique space for each client. We combine the proper new pieces, some amazing finishes, and the things most important to you to curate a space that radiates all the best things about you and your family.

Interior Design Services Include:

3D Floor plans & Layouts, Paint Schemes, Electrical Plans, Furniture and Upholstery Selections, Wall & Window Treatments, Pillows & Bedding, Rugs & Textiles, and Accessories & Décor, Color.   

88 James Sales Center

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